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Guides Needed!

We are developing and expanding our nature trails and we want to open the door to nature's classroom by providing guided access. How about becoming one of our guides?

This is an opportunity to become a volunteer Interpretive Naturalist and to lead small group walks on our trail system. You need not be a teacher nor a biologist, and comprehensive knowledge isn't necessary. Birders, photographers, native plant enthusiasts, hikers, even fishermen, hunters, gardeners, and others often know much about the animals and plants found here. That is probably sufficient.

Retired folks or working people are invited. There is no special 'curriculum' you would need to impart. We will of course provide some leadership and some instruction along with a few facts of natural history. But the natural history information you provide can be very much from your area of interest. So a birder might lead a tour that emphasizes birds, while a gardener might talk mostly about plants, and so on.

We envision scheduling one or two walking tours a week, and so we hope to find several new guides to divide up the work load. If you think you might be interested, please email a note expressing your interest. We can have a conversation about it! If you know someone that would be 'just perfect' for this, please help them get in touch.

We usually find ourselves asking for help with things that are difficult, or that cost a lot of money. And keeping our facility functioning, providing care for perhaps 2,000 new patients every year, is no simple task and it requires tremendous support from our community.

But this request is different! This isn't hard, nor is it expensive. You're being solicited to come out and play on our 293 acres of wild preserve. To see deer, eagles, tortoises, and turkeys in the wild. To hike in pine - palmetto scrub, wetlands, oak forest, and savannahs. And to share the experience with up to a dozen interested people.

Heck, maybe we shouldn't be offering this opportunity for free! Maybe we should be selling tickets! <grin>







  Send an email expressing your interest and we will contact you to schedule a visit to our trails!