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MSWR Discussion Facilitation

This page contains links to various resources related to peer review of Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition 2000. Each link opens in a new window.

Link to MSWR itself, as a PDF file

Link to Call a Spade a Spade.pdf - Dan Martinelli's original article published in IWRC Journal, making the case for renaming MSWR to better reflect its intended use, as a PDF file

Link to DTM_intro_MSWR_committee.pdf - Dan's self introduction to IWRC Standards Review Committee, as a PDF file

Link to DTM_intro_MSWR_committee_plus_BMP.pdf - Dan's self introduction above, plus an expanded discussion of the rationale for changing MSWR to Best Management Practices, as a PDF file

Link to IWRC's Position Statement on MSWR, as a PDF file

Link to the IWRC MSWR Discussion Board itself (opens in new browser window-- guests may read the discussions, posting requires a free registration)

Link to Help and Screen Shots for the Discussion Board, as a PDF file