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Preliminary Cost Estimate

Estimated Cost
General Conditions1 75,000.00
Site Work 2 100,000.00
Professional Services: (Legal) 30,000.00
Total GC & SD 205,000.00

Phase I
Hospital/Treatment Center 165,000.00
Welcome Center/Admin Office 265,500.00
Workshop 75,000.00
Food Prep & Storage 58,000.00
Director/Caretaker Residence 250,000.00
Equipment & Furnishings 100,000.00
Caging: Rehabilitation and Display 100,000.00
Development Interpretive Nature Trail 30,000.00
Landscaping & Public Accomodation 50,000.00
Total - Phase I 1,093,500.00

Phase II
Community Resource Center 180,000.00
Discovery Center 162,000.00
Ampitheatre 45,000.00

Total - Phase II 387,000.00

Total GC&SD, Phase I & Phase II 1,685,500.00
Contractor’s Fee (~20%) 337,000.00

Estimated Construction Costs 2,022,500.00
Contingency (~15%) 303,000.00

Total Estimated Constuction Costs $2,325,500.00

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