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Adopt a Wild Friend!

Click Here to view/download an Adoption Brochure in PDF format

You've seen them at fairs and festivals, in classrooms, and on television. Now here is your opportunity to become personally involved with one of our incredible Wildlife Ambassadors.

Your Annual Adoption donation helps us to feed, house, and care for a truly special individual animal. Choose your own level of support and select Kali the Screech Owl, Blue the Peregrine Falcon, Gracie the Bald Eagle, or any of the other members of our Wild educational staff.

All of these noble creatures have come to our Wildlife Hospital in need of help and comfort. Each animal bears its own permanent scars - some that are apparent and others that are not so visible. Perhaps as the result of a collision with a vehicle, entanglement with fishing line, or psychological problems caused by improper human treatment, none of them would survive if returned to the wild. Each has its own unique and touching story to tell.

In return for your tax deductible donation, you will receive:

  • a certificate of adoption,
  • photo(s) of your wild friend,
  • a biography with details of your adopted animal's life,
  • the opportunity for a special appointment to visit your wild friend.

When you adopt the support of one of our wild friends, you are helping to ensure a life of security, love, and professional care for that animal. You are also helping to further the missions of the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center to care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife and to educate the public about wild creatures and wild places. Please consider adopting a Wild Friend today!

Click Here to view/download an Adoption Brochure in PDF format




Ready for Adoption