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  From Crisis Situation to Catalyst for Change

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After effectively running our operation from our Bridge Road location for nearly twenty years, in May 2003, the landowner informed us that we must leave! A lawsuit filed against the Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital by the landowner made the situation urgent and time sensitive. Practically speaking, there was no local, ready-made wildlife hospital to which we could either temporarily or permanently relocate. We cannot house our eagles in a cow pasture or rehabilitate deer in a rented storefront.

To satisfy the requirements of the landowner, we vacated the Bridge Road property on October 31, 2004. Audubon of Martin County donated a 20 acre parcel from its Loop Road Nature Preserve to be the future home of the new Wildlife Center. For now we operate from temporary facilities, adjacent to our owned property, which we rent from Audubon. The Wildlife Hospital will build permanent facilities as rapidly as funding becomes available and construction timelines allow. For the sake of the wild creatures in our care, for whom no alternatives exist, any other scenario is simply unacceptable.

While the eviction notice was completely unexpected, we had already been planning for years the evolution of our present operation into a more effective tool for serving wildlife and the community. The eviction, in effect, has been a catalyst for positive change for the Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital.


The Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital is currently developing a comprehensive Fund Development Plan to identify funding needs for the long-term fundraising goals of the Community Wildlife Center.

A combined campaign strategy is being used to raise funds for the capital campaign, support of operations, support of programs, and building an endowment. A consultant has been hired to assist us in creating our fund development plan, strengthening our organizational structure, and improving our marketing materials and communications efforts with the general public to further engage them in supporting the Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital’s plan for the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center.

Capital Campaign

Our Capital Campaign goal is to raise approximately $2.32 million during the next three to five years. Center Costs below shows the number and size of gifts needed to reach this goal.

A Capital Campaign Cabinet is being developed to provide the campaign with the necessary leadership to effectively move the process forward. A market survey is currently being administered to provide additional insights into the campaign goals, objectives and strategy.

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April 2004

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County Commissioners, community leaders, conservationists, architects, builders, TCWH staff and Board Members of TCWH and TCWF

“..people who normally couldn’t agree on the time of day... slapping each other on the back”

“...the Center is as much a cradle for the county’s collective soul as simply a beloved institution.”

"You plain don’t threaten the Wildlife Center...”

Nancy Smith, Associate Editor, The Stuart News

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