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Educational Opportunities

Many children and adults, especially those who live in urban areas today, never have the opportunity to experience and learn from nature. A major goal of the Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital is to bring that experience to the community by providing educational programs and guided access to local natural areas. Our Outreach Programs feature our live Educational Ambassadors and are appropriate for all age groups and areas of study.

Nature and Wildlife Tours

Field experiences explore the different habitats found in south Florida. By taking your group directly into the natural environment, our staff naturalists will open the door to nature's classroom. By experiencing the natural environment first-hand, it becomes easy to understand the unique and sensitive balance of nature.

Outreach Programs featuring live native wildlife Get brochure

Our outreach programs are designed to make the natural environment accessible to groups that are unable to take advantage of our field experiences. These unique presentations make use of live native wildlife such as the Great Horned Owl, Opossum, American Alligator and others. Presentations can be made at schools, meeting places, local parks, or other locations, and can focus on a variety of environmental topics. We have programs suitable for all groups, from nursery school to nursing home, and everyone in between.

On-Site Wildlife Discovery Tours Get flyer

Our campus in Palm City is the venue for Wildlife Discovery Tours. Our Interpretive Naturalists provide up-close views of native wild animals along with natural history and stories about them. Wildlife Discovery Tours are customized for your own group, making learning both relevant and fun. We provide a unique experience that is suitable for all ages and segments of the community — students and teachers, home schoolers, clubs and civic groups, Scouts, business and community leaders, families, seniors, and south Florida visitors.

Wildlife Discovery Tours are available by appointment, at your convenience, seven days a week. Each Tour lasts about 45 to 60 minutes. Cost is only fifty dollars for groups up to ten persons. Call to schedule a Wildlife Discovery Tour for your own group or family today! You are welcome to bring snacks and use the shaded picnic area near the Bald Eagle display.

On-Site Nature Trail Hikes Get flyer

The Wildlife Center contains nearly 300 acres of preserved wild land. Trail Hikes provide guided access to ecosystems including Pine Palmetto Scrub, Fresh Water Marsh, Upland Hardwoods, and Littoral Zone. Wild birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals may be encountered. Your Hike can be customized to a duration and effort level suitable for your group. You may schedule a Trail Hike as a supplement to your Wildlife Discovery Tour, or by itself.







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