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PLANS for the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center

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Construction plans include both the Hospital Element and the Public Element.

· Hospital/Treatment Center - enhancement of existing facilities
· Welcome Center/Administrative Offices
         - Housing the reception area, gift shop, and staff offices
· Food Preparation and Storage Facility
· Caretaker/Director Residence -for 24-hour supervision and care
· Caging - for Rehabilitation and Display
· Workshop & Equipment
         - For maintenance and enhancements to the Center
· Nature Trails through native habitats with live, caged exhibits
· Community Resource Center - multi-use room for educational classes and available to the public for group meetings, retreats and other uses.
· Discovery Center – living and non-living materials for hands-on learning.
· Landscaping, Parking and Public Accommodations
· Ampitheatre – for educational programs and special events.

One of the distinct enhancements at the new Treasure Coast Wildlife Center will be the development of the nature trails with the animals themselves seen in their natural habitat. Larger and more naturalistic enclosures will be spaced along these trails. Alligators, for instance, may be exhibited in a Wetland setting and Great Horned Owls in pinewoods. Thus the opportunity to experience and learn about the animals themselves will be put into context with the wild world around us. Interpretive naturalists will provide information as appropriate, but the setting itself will also allow reflection, contemplation, and absorption of both the cognitive and the emotional impacts.

No facility of this kind currently exists on the Treasure Coast. Zoological parks exhibit primarily exotic, non-native, animals, and are commonly landscaped with exotic plants. State and national parks and preserves provide access to native, wild areas, but wild creatures — especially unusual or endangered species — rarely make themselves visible. The planned Treasure Coast Wildlife Center, combines native wild animals with native wild areas, and provides unique educational and experiential opportunities available nowhere else.

Please help us build it!

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Administration and Hospital

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Discovery Center

Download the Case Statement for the new Center, including the complete vision for its development