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Live Animal Presentations for Schools and Groups

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Our outreach presentations are designed to make the natural environment accessible to groups that are unable to take advantage of our Field Experiences. These presentations are unique because of the use of live native wildlife. Animals such as the Great Horned Owl, Red-Tailed Hawk, Gopher Tortoise, Indigo Snake, American Alligator and others are brought to the program location. The use of live animals allows the audience a wonderful opportunity to learn about and experience the natural history of south Florida. Outreach presentations are available for groups of all ages, and can be adapted to fit the needs or the curriculum of each individual group.

Outreach Presentations can be made at schools, meeting places, local parks, or other locations of your choice. These presentations are ideally suited for school classes, scout troops, clubs, community and adult organizations, and summer camps. For more information, call our office at 772-286-6200.

The programs focus on and explore a variety of topics which include: threatened and endangered species; ecology and ecosystems; habitat and habitat destruction; problems caused by the introduction of exotic species; food chains and food webs; urban wildlife; and other related subjects.

Some suggested programs include:

General Wildlife
Grades: K - Adult
This program will explore the variety of creatures found in Florida’s unique and diverse natural habitats, including representative living birds of prey, and reptiles.

Hunters of the Wind and Hunters of the Night
Grades: 2 - Adult
This program focuses on the unique variety of birds of prey, the hunters of the sky: hawks, owls, vultures, falcons and eagles. The adaptations these birds have developed for hearing, sight, hunting and flight will be discussed.

Backyard Wildlife
Grades: 1 - Adult
Friend or foe? The animals that call our back yards home are harmless and often beneficial. This program will focus on the different wild animals that can be found around our homes and gardens.

Endangered Species of Florida
Grades: 3 - Adult
Florida has one of the largest number of endangered species of any state in the U.S. This program will discuss the reasons the animals of our state have become so rare, and what is being done to help preserve them and their habitats.

Dinosaurs of the Everglades
Grades: 2 - Adult
Turtles, crocodilians, and snakes are the living dinosaurs of our present day world. This presentation will look at the unusual characteristics that have allowed these animals to survive virtually unchanged for millions of years.

Wild Animals For Tots
Grades: Pre K - 2
These are simplified programs designed to provide hands-on learning experiences to younger children. Presentations cover topics similar to the programs listed above, and will be customized to suit your particular age group.

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